Pharmacognosy Laboratory


Pharmacognosy lab provides adequate facilities for morphological and microscopical studies of cells and tissues in different parts like root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit and seed of natural plants, identification and standardization of crude drugs. 
This laboratory provide facilities for the students to gain the knowledge of physicochemical properties of the natural products and natural medications also the identification tests, extraction, isolation, detection, determination and the estimation of natural products, quantitative and qualitative analysis of drugs and phytoconstituents extracted from medicinal plants. 
Students gain the knowledge of plant tissue culture techniques, crop improvement, hybridization and colonal propagation etc.
This lab is well equipped with various instruments like projection microscope, binocular microscope, Soxhlet apparatus, laminar air flow, incubator, tissue culture station, autoclave, hot air oven, water bath with orbital shaker and vortex shaker.